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Palaia (Old) Epidavros

The charming harbour of Palaia Epidavros the gateway to the world-renowned amphitheatre, Sanctuary of Apollo Maleatas and Sanctuary of Asclepius 20 min. by taxi further inland.

The port and bay of Palaia Epidavros

Shelter in all but east winds, but these are very rare (except for mid-spring); sea levels can vary by over a meter; shallow bay, but the channel/approach is straightforward; good holding, ask the Harbour office for a berth. The former anchorage at the north-west is now a designated swimming area, marked with buoys.  

In the pre-Greek period, the god of Maleas / Maleatas, whom the Greeks identified with Apollo, was worshipped above the theatre on Mount Cynortion. Apollo was joined by his son, Asclepius, who, according to legend, grew up in Trikka in Thessaly. Asclepius was taught the healing arts by the Centaur Chiron and was eventually able to bring the dead back to life. For this reason, Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt and his body was buried in Epidavros.

The remarkable we'll preserved theatre of Epidavros, which could seat up to 12 thousand people, is above all known for its acoustics – right up to the last tier 23 m above the orchestra.

Ancient theatre of Epidavros

The lower part up to the semi-circular gangway, divided into twelve sections by stairs, was built in the early 3rd c. BCE and the upper part followed in the 2nd c. BCE.

The core of the theatre is the circular orchestra and very little remained of the stage building. Ramps on either side led up to the roof of the proskenion, which was used as a raised area for the actors to perform on. The spectator entrances and the entrances for the chorus lead through magnificent gateways.

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