With us you can charter a yacht from  the newest fleet in Greece!

Charter Yacht Club

Selects the best and newest yachts. Maximum we offer five years old yachts. All the boats listed meet the specific standards of maintenance, comfort and guarantees essential to enjoy a wonderful cruise. Our customer service is always at your disposal to provide you the best Yacht in Greece.

Rent Sailing Boat Prices include :

Dinghy, outboard engine, mooring fees at the bases, hospitality amenities, use of water toys, flippers (various sizes), masks & snorkels. For each week of each charter, bed linen (sanitary cover and undersheet) for each bed and personal linen (pillow case, cover sheet, blanket, 2 bathroom towels, beach towel) for each passenger, are included in the prices.

Weather Forecast


From our bases, Alimos Kalamaki Marina Athens and Olympic Marine Lavrion you can reach destinations in both the Cyclades islands and the Saronic - Argolic gulfs.

Under normal circumstances your trip will include destinations from both. It is very common to start a trip by visiting the Cyclades first and later the Saronic or vice versa. Under extreme conditions (either extremely calm or extremely windy) your trip might be spent in one area only to maximize your entertainment.

Saronic & Argolic gulfs

The Saronic islands of Aegina, Angistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and the Peloponnesian coast offer smooth sailing sheltered from strong winds. The Saronic route is highly recommended for easy sailing, especially in July & August, avoiding the strong winds blowing down in the Cyclades area, also preferable for a charter of less than two weeks. Along this route you will find cosmopolitan towns, ancient temples, Byzantine castles, small fishing ports and unspoiled anchorages.

The wind force of the annual N-NW winds (Meltemi) is usually not stronger than force 4-5, while it is usually less around the Island of Poros and the Methana Peninsula. There is also a possibility for some light S-SE winds especially in the Peloponnesian coast. Try to avoid major ports of the bigger Islands especially in July-August in weekends - they are usually overcrowded.

Cyclades islands

The Cyclades is a group of Islands lying amidst the Aegean Sea. They are world famous for their rough landscape, their traditional white washed houses and windmills and the endless possibilities they offer for exploring, sightseeing, as well as for the very intense nightlife of some Islands (Mykonos, Ios, Paros).

Cruising this area definitely requires skilled, experienced sailors as the winds in July-August could easily reach Force 6-7 N-NW, while the usual winds are Force 4-5 N-NW (Meltemi annual winds). If you sail this area do not miss Paros, Santorini, Mykonos, Serifos and Milos.